Iraq / US design exchange: chat summary from 8.18.10

Hi all,

Here’s a summary of today’s chat:

On the chat today we made a small change to the format, as per an interesting suggestion by george.  This week, we will rotate media again:

The Baghdad group will look at the NY media
The NY group will look at the USA West media
The USA West group will look at the Baghdad media

and make commentary / analysis / additions once more.  We will add this material in the comments section of the original media post, to keep everything consolidated. Then, for the final leg, the media will rotate back to its original creators, who will take two weeks to make the final piece from August 25th – September 8th in whatever media they choose, keeping in mind the comments / analysis / additions from the other groups.

I would urge people to add personal statements, comments and images whenever possible.  I think the most powerful media we have are the things that people uploaded about themselves.  This somehow seems the most “real,” how these issues actually affect our daily lives.  Even if you have to go back and add to comments you have already made, as much as possible, it would be great for people to contribute material from their own lives that relate to themes brought up in each batch of media.

Thanks all!  Talk to you next Wednesday the 25th at the same time! 11am California, 12pm Colorado, 2pm NYC, 9pm Iraq

Best :Melanie