Iraqi / US Student Conversations Week 1 Questions

Shape of Change: Iraqi American exchange design project questions

Phase One: Experiences in the class room

Based on experience in he classroom, that might lead to a larger conversation about society. Questions may bring out differences that manifest in culture, language and behavior, so we can talk about power more in terms of power structures rather than political parties.

  1. What is the relationship between teachers and students?
  2. How is power symbolized in the classroom?
  3. What behaviors are encourage or discouraged?
  4. What language is used? Is the language that is used most people’s first language?
  5. What is the relationship among you and your peers?
  6. What are the injustices that you witness on a daily basis in the classroom?

Please post your initial responses on the blog now.

Do not forget to add your contact information to this spreadsheet if you plan to  join us for a Skype conversation Wednesday July 14th: 10am California, 1pm New York, and 8pm Iraq.