Iraqi / US Student Conversations Week 2 Questions

Hello All: The general overarching topic for this week concerns curriculum and pedagogy: about the political nature of what information is taught vs. what is left out, and _how_ things are taught. How do these choices and methods affect the ability to create political change through education?

Some of the suggestions for questions thus far have been:

  • What is the relationship of censorship to curriculum?  Have you ever been part of a school system where particular books, subjects or conversations have been banned or discouraged?
  • How has the internet affected teaching & learning?  How do you feel it has affected morals, maturity, access to information and attention span of students?  Have your teachers incorporated it in interesting ways in their teaching practices?
  • How do you see the effect of democracy on teaching, whether conceptually or practically?
  • How was the Iraq war was spoken about in the class room?  Was it taught?  Referred to?  Ignored?  Was its portrayal in the media analyzed?  What types of sources were used, if any?  Did your teacher make their personal opinion about the war known to the class?
  • Have the subjects of war and terror been introduced in classroom discussion, and if so, how?

Please begin your posts by introducing yourselves with 2 or 3 sentences if you haven’t already.   Please tell us how old you are, what subject you are studying and at what level, what your major interests are, and where you are located.  This will be helpful for everyone to know how we can all work together.

Any other suggestions for questions, the next chat, or anything else are also welcome. Thanks!! Melanie