Iraqi / US Student Conversations Week 3

1.  How might we use the class room and education in general to promote change, freedom of speech and human rights? How has this been done in the past in Iraq? In the US?

2.  Do students feel that they have a responsibility to change the environment around them, and if so, what is the boundary of that environment?  Their class room, university, town, city, country?  Should students be involved in international politics?

3.  Do students make their voices heard in your present or previous school systems?  If so, does it have an impact, and can you list examples of how?  If not, why not, and what changes do you feel must be made so that they would have an impact?  What do you feel must be done for those changes to occur?

4.  If you were to create an ideal student political body, how would it be structured and how would it function? Lozol